Mother. Tired. Bruised by baby. Father. Tired. Aching body.

I am so tired I am mostly going to communicate in pictures. Like a monkey. Or someone found living wild in a forest for 20 years. Or the makers of The Artist.

This is how I slept last night and the night before. (I am the big one. The baby is the splat in the middle)

Until I had a panic and thought to do this in case the baby fell out of bed.


Because of this

Where was my husband you may ask?

Here he is.

Lying cold and shivering on the floor in Edward’s bedroom.


Because of this.

and this

Tonight husband and I are doing this


February 17, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Ariel replied:

    Love this 🙂 – particularly hanging on to the baby’s leg so it won’t fall out of bed LOL and boy have I been there too. Enjoy your wine, you deserve it.

    • mamabearwithme replied:

      Thank you very much for this comment – I so appreciate it. I went back to tidying away the toys with a smile on my face. you got me through the last twenty minutes before bed!!

  2. Fi replied:

    Awesome blog, I love the pictures and you definitely deserve a drink or 4 tonight xxx

  3. Dad Blogger Glenn replied:

    Great blog. I like you. You are funny.

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